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Do you want to finally reach and maintain your goal weight?

Are you often stressed and have cravings that you want to get under control?

Do you want to reduce your belly fat without having to work out 5 times a week?

Learn to eat better instead of eating less with your personal certified nutrition coach.

Within weeks you'll see noticeable results:  

Feel lighter

A better metabolism

More confidence

More Energy

Increased well-being

The Eat better, not perfect programs include:

  • Weekly lists of diverse foods to choose from

  • Simple tasks for behavior improvement

  • Online tool for self-monitoring

  • Varied recipes, with and without meat

  • Your personal coach via WhatsApp for questions, motivation, and suggestions

Real coaches instead of an app

I'm there for you when you get stuck or need assistance. Together, we'll find your balance, without any pressure for perfection.

- Coach Alexandra, one of our certified nutrition coaches

Why it works

Why do many diets fail? Because simply eating less and always being strict doesn't work in the long run. This is how you achieve your goals sustainably:


Eat better

instead of less


A real coach via WhatsApp for constant support


Develop awareness

& better habits


Without completely saying no to indulgence


Find your own balance instead of a one-for-all solution

Real people, real results


“I had been working out a lot without any real progress. Ever since my Eat better, not perfect program I've lost 7kg and feel at my best. Plus, my cellulite has reduced significantly! ”

Christine, 29, lost 7kg in 7 weeks


“If even I, one of the laziest people in the world, can do this, then anyone can."

Akash, IT programmer, started at 126kg and weighed 24kg less, 5 months after his challenge

Be aware: You can only make progress if you fully commit at the start, just like the real participants did here. The first weeks are the hardest, after that it gets easier, we promise!


Are you ready?

How it works

1. Choose your program and pick a start date

Tell us when you want to begin and describe your current situation and goals in detail.

2. Get started

Receive a weekly food list and easy habit forming tasks. Your personal coach is always by your side.

3. Find your balance

Week after week, you'll discover what foods and habits are good for you and help you lose weight and have more energy.

Manuel EBNP success.png

"It takes some commitment at first, but it quickly got easier. And it was worth it." Manuel lost 5kg and found even more joy in doing sports.

"The 6-Week Challenge has helped me tremendously. ... I've lost 10 kilos in 6 weeks! Professionally, I'm often busy and have to travel every week - but my coach gave me valuable tips and so I was able to stick to the program on the road." Tim has gotten in his best shape ever.