Get to know your Eat Better, Not Perfect core team

Favorite food:

  • Sweet potato fries

Least favorite food:

  • Mushrooms in any shape or form

Top 3 activities:

  • Basketball

  • Being on/in/or by the water

  • Exploring new places

Favorite food:

  • Everything with chocolate

Least favorite food:

  • Plain potatoes with white beans in tomato sauce

Top 3 activities:

  • Working out

  • Read

  • Gaming

Favorite food:

  • Potato pancakes with goulash

Least favorite food:

  • Brussel sprouts in any form and marzipan

Top 3 activities:

  • Crossfit

  • Cooking

  • Chilling

Our mission is to be the most impactful life-quality improvement movement out there.


We work hard to achieve this by:

  • Providing the best possible customer service

  • Having a close and truly committed team dedicated to helping you win

  • Inspiring and supporting people to live better and healthier lives

  • Offering nutrition coaching at the core, supplemented by other forms of coaching (physical, mental, ...)

  • Continuing to improve and explore new ways to help you achieve your goals

That's why all of the Eat Better, Not Perfect coaches are certified nutrition coaches with have hands-on experience while being supported by our core team to deliver the best possible results.