Bye bye, diets!

Hello freedom & wellbeing. 

Would you also like to lose weight sustainably, without eating salad everyday or keeping track of calories for the rest of your life? It's time to quit diets and find your balance instead by developing better habits and listening to your body again. 

What you will learn to just feel good, but great again:

  • How to eat better instead of less 

  • differentiate real hunger from satisfying your emotions

  • reduce stress

  • sleep better

  • be more self-confident by not trying to do everything perfect

"It's tough in the beginning but gets easier quickly. And it was worthwhile." Manuel achieved his goal, and so can you!

The challenge package

  • 6 weeks to boost your life quality

  • weekly list with a variety of foods to choose from

  • easy tasks for better habits

  • online-tool for self-tracking

  • delicious recipe ideas, with and without meat

  • your personal coach via WhatsApp

only CHF 49.-/ week

One-time payment of CHF 294.-. No subscription, no hidden costs.

A coach and tools for your personal progress

1. Anmelden

Wähle dein Startdatum für deine transformative 6-Wochen Challenge und beschreibe deine Ziele.

2. Loslegen

3. Balance finden

Erhalte wöchentliche Essenslisten und einfache Aufgaben für bessere Gewohnheiten. Am Anfang ist es hart, doch von Woche zu Woche wird es einfacher. Dein persönlicher Coach hilft dir dabei!

Schon nach wenigen Wochen bemerkst du, welche Lebensmittel und Gewohnheiten dir gut tun und welche weniger.

"Monatelang habe ich alleine versucht die nervigen Pfunde los zu werden. Obwohl ich dachte, dass ich mich bereits gesund ernähre, hat mein Coach meine Ernährung total umgekrempelt. Ich habe meine Ziele nun auf nachhaltige Art erreicht. Mein Coach, Alexandra, war super und ohne sie hätte ich das nicht geschafft. "


Simone, minus 5.5kg

A real human as your coach and online-tools for your progress

A real coach instead of an algorithm: nothing can replace the value of a real human being that understands your daily situation and problems.

Tracking and small weekly tasks help you to develop awareness and better habits that last. 

Alexandra , one of our certified nutrition coaches, provides real human support to help you achieve your goals.

only CHF 49.- / week

one-time payment of CHF 294.-. No subscription, no hidden costs.

Traditional diets: calorie reduction

Changing your habits instead of eating less

Andrea proved that it works.


After many unsuccessful attempts, Andrea realized she was being to strict with herself. Through Eat Better, Not Perfect, she found a way to lose over 15kg, without calorie counting or eating less. Read about her story here (German; English coming soon).