Choose your program

Every program includes:

  • Your own personal coach

  • Your personalized nutrition program

  • Access to the Eat Better, Not Perfect platform with weekly guidelines and where you can track your progress

  • Access to the recipe library

Which program is right for your?

6-week challenge

  • Faster results, but more challenge and requires more commitment

  • Starts with an elimination diet and gradually re-introduces foods

  • For people that say "tell me what to do"

  • Focus on food only

  • Coaching call at the start and end of the challenge

  • Continuous WhatsApp coaching support

  • On average, people lost 3-5 kg during the challenge

One time investment of 359 CHF

Less than 60 CHF per week

12-week program

  • More gradual and slower results, but easier to implement and sustain in an already busy life

  • Starts by making better choices, then reducing less-good-for-you foods and gradually reintroducing them

  • For people that say "teach me and tell me what to do"

  • Focus on food, supported by some movement and daily habit tasks

  • Coaching call every 2 weeks

  • Continuous WhatsApp coaching support

  • On average, people lost 4-8kg during the program

One time investment of 659 CHF

Less than 55 CHF per week

No subscription, no hidden costs.

Be aware that your coach can only help you if you are fully committed as of the start!


Being healthy and happy is more than just a number on your scale. People who completed the challenge lost an average of 4kg over the course of 6-8 weeks, and were able to keep it off. Overweight people continued to lose an average of 3-5kg more in the months after. If you stick to the program but don't experience any positive changes at all, we'll refund your money!

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